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I'm a visiting Data Science Africa (DSA) Research Fellow, hosted at Centre for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DSAIL) in Nyeri, Kenya. I completed a BSc. Biomedical Engineering at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya (Graduating July 2024).

During my undergraduate, I worked with Professor Ciira Maina at DSAIL in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology , Nyeri, Kenya on developing wearable devices and computer vision approaches for monitoring recovery of orthopedic patients. I also visited Marconi Research and Innovations Lab in Makerere University , Kampala, Uganda, where i worked with Dr. Andrew Katumba on developing Swahili speech recognition model, and with Dr. Jan Mikelson on breast cancer hackathon preparation which took place at the University of Texas in USA .

Additionally, I worked as a data intern at Talent Bridge Africa with Stella Nzisa, senior market researcher, and , Veronica George, business consultant, supporting clients with data-driven decision making insights.

I have also won over 10 scholarships to participate in person in international data science summer schools in countries like Ghana, Norway, France, Rwanda, South Africa. I am also an active member in communities such as KamiLimu, IEEE, Toastmasters, where I have organized events, lead new initiatives and mentored others.

As a result, I have gained interest in contributing to the development of machine learning solutions. Therefore, I'm building skills in mathematics, programming, and scientific communication, and interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to contribute solutions to my community and beyond.


Data Science Africa, June 2024, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

Inperson, Nyeri, Kenya | Part of the organising committee

Data Protection Hackathon, May 2024, Windsor Golf Hotel

Inperson, Nairobi, Kenya | Finished fourth position. Documentation -> Twitter

Deep Learning Indaba, September 2023, University of Ghana

Inperson, Accra, Ghana | Documented my learning and activities on GitHub.

Probabilistic AI School, June 2023 at NTNU

Inperson, Trondheim, Norway | Documented my learning and implementation on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Data Science Africa, May 2023 at University of Rwanda

Inperson, Kigali, Rwanda | Documented my learning and implementation on GitHub and LinkedIn.

Breast Cancer Hackathon, March 2023, University of Texas Southwestern

Inperson, Dallas, Texas | Publish our work on Frontier and documented experience on LinkedIn.

Human Cell Atlas (HCA), Cell Atlas Meeting in Nov. 2022

inperson, at Sorbonne Université, Inperson, Paris, France | Documented on LinkedIn.

Hands-on Data Analysis for Metabolic Profiling, Nov. 2022, Imperial

Online, London, UK | Won an MRC full fee bursary to Complete the course

Data Science Africa, July 2022, Institute of Accountancy Arusha

Inperson, Arusha, Tanzania | Presented an orthopedic wearable device and documented on LinkedIn.

International Students Conference, October 2022, Kyambogo University

Inperson, Kampala, Uganda | Invited by IEEE as student panelist and documented on LinkedIn.

The George B. Moody PhysioNet Challenge, September 2022

Online | Collaborated with Bjørn-Jostein . Developed 2 deep learning models and presented at CinC conference.

FeatureCloud Hackathon, June 2022, University of Hamburg

Online, Hamburg, Germany | Documenting on GitHub.

19th International Summer School BIO-X, May 2022, Orthodox Academy

Inperson, Crete, Greece | Delivered the closing speech and documented my learning on LinkedIn.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

International Online Training | March 16th – July 13th 2022

Actively participated in the 14 lectures presented by leading professors and researchers of seven European universities from six countries on business basics, entrepreneurship, innovation, management and finance. Certificate of Completion.
Digital Fabrication

Maker Space, University of Nairobi | December 2020

Took part in a month-long semi-virtual training on digital fabrication tools: 3D printing, CNC milling and Laser cutter. Completed the course by creating a 3D printed key holder. Certificate of Completion.
Value Centered Leadership

DePaul University (online) | April 2020

Won a scholarship to study value centered leadership principles course. Some of the topics included; diversity and multi-cultural issues, managing conflicting values, creating leadership action plan etc. Certificate of Completion.
KamiLimu Mentorship Program

Cohort 6 Mentee | August 2021 - May 2022

Among the 36 students selected for the 8 months award winning mentorship program. Mentored on professional & personal development, scholarship writing and public speaking. Certificate of Completion.
Outstanding Community Engagement

KamiLimu Mentorship Program | August 2021- May 2022

Emerged as the cohort 6 mentee with the most community engagement in the local and global tech ecocystem during the 8 months mentorship program. Certificate of Excellence.
Outstanding Attendance Rate

KamiLimu Mentorship Program | August 2021- May 2022

Emerged as the cohort 6 mentee who consistently showed up and actively participated in both the mentorship's program and beyond earning the highest attendance rate. Certificate of Excellence.
Medium Feature

KamiLimu Mentorship Program | March 2022

Among the cohort 6 mentees whose experience at KamiLimu was featured on the organization's medium page.

Newsletter June 2021

IEEE CASS | October 2021

Among the students who participated in launching the IEEE Circuit and Systems Society (CASS) Kenyatta University Student Branch Chapter being the first in Africa.

Directorate of Career Department and Mentoring Programs (CDMP)

Kenyatta University | January 2020 & 2022

Among the 14 students in 2022 and 16 in 2020 (postponed in 2021 ) who served in the committee organizing the largest one-week long annual event at the university that brings together high school and university students to meet and interact with both academicians and dozens of industry experts to discuss about career growth and development.


Visiting Research Fellow

Data Science Africa | January 2024 - present

Developing a machine learning-based web application to enhance orthopedic recovery monitoring by accurately estimating joint flexion angles.
Designing Python-powered dashboards for effective visualization of orthopedic recovery data, focusing on joint flexion angles to aid clinical assessments.
Implemented robust data storage solutions using time series databases such as InfluxDB and SQL, optimizing data retrieval and scalability.

Visiting Undergraduate Research Assistant

Marconi Research and Innovations Lab, Uganda | January 2023 - March 2023

Developed a Swahili speech recognition model as preliminary steps towards building a more reliable, robust and autonomous patient-doctor documentation tool with the mentorship of Dr. Andrew.

Additionally, prepared and participated in a breast cancer hackathon challenge at the University of Texas Southwestern with the mentorship of Dr. Jan and published a position paper on our implementation.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Centre for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DSAIL) | February 2022 - April 2022

Designed hardware and software for monitoring of knee rehabilitating patients using an Arduino microcontroller and python programming language with the mentorship of Professor Ciira.

This work was presented at IST-Africa 2023 Proceedings in South Africa. Additionally, won a Mini-Grant award to further development and test the device in a clinic.

Documentation Focal Point

Uvumbuzi Tech Challenge | June 2021 - August 2021

Collaborated in a team of six, including Kakuma and Kaloyebei residents, in a 12 weeks research and development of frugal technology for low cost and sustainable cooking in Kakuma and Kaloyebei, the largest refugee camps in Kenya.

Logged the cook's team research, designs, and prepared progress reports. Used collaboration tools such as Google Workspace for all the documentation and communication.

After the challenge, I wrote a reflection of my learning and shared the results of our work on a medium blog and on LinkedIn.

Data Intern

Talent Bridge Africa | June 2020 - December 2020

Worked fully remote for seven months investigating and preparing reports on healthcare trends, with support of senior market researcher, Stella Nzisa, and business consultant, Veronica George, to support clients make informed healthcare investment decisions during the pandemic.

Updated the Talent Bridge Africa's healthcare database with thousands of data points from the research findings. Collaborated using online video conferencing tools and Google Workspace to successful completion of projects. Supported two other projects, on education, with data preparation and organization.

Gained a huge appreciation for the usefulness of data in supporting decision making. Recommendation letter.

Biomedical Engineer Attaché

Kiambu Level 5 Hospital | May 2019 - August 2019

Spent my only school break interning at biomedical engineering department of the hospital. Involved in installation of over 5 new pieces of medical equipment. Conducted over 50 rounds of medical equipment check, including visiting over nine departments at the Hospital. Took an active role in the planned preventive maintenance (PPM) of the magnetic resonance imaging(MRI).

Built troubleshooting and problem analysis skills in over the hundreds of maintenance activities done during my internship. Recommendation letter.


  • Pitched Projects
  • Practice Playground

Data science projects; including data wrangling, hands-on data analysis for metabolic profiling and other applications in Healthcare. Also, deep & machine learning implementation mostly using python.

Hardware and software implementation of a knee wearable device using Python and Arduino with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), showcased in Crete, Greece. (10th on list) and in Nyeri, Kenya.

Protype of an IoT software and hardware for automatic washroom door opening for physically challenged, pitched at KamiLimu. Documentation.

Pitching a medical app for fighting misinformation during the national RedBull Basement competitions 2021 in Kenya. One minute pitch video.

Hardware programming workshops, attachement projects, and class project on controlling a propeller, using Arduino.

Data structures & Algorithms implementations mostly using C++ and Python. And some unix bash scripting.


I hone my skills by focusing on techniques and methodologies first then tools second.

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, C, and MATLAB.
Analytics & Data Viz:
Excel, Tableau, Dash, Matplotlib, and Seaborn.
Machine Learning:
PyTorch, Pyro, Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, and Keras.
Data Science:
Pandas, Scipy and Numpy.
Collaboration Tools:
Git, Overleaf, Online video conferencing and Google Drive.
Embedded Systems:
Arduino, PCB design software (KiCAD & Fritzing), and Circuit design.
Digital Fabrication:
3D printer, CNC miller, and Laser cutter.
Unix-based Operating System:
Linux kernel - Ubuntu.

Community Engagement


A non-profit organization whose mission is to upskill tertiary-level tech students.


The world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.


The world's largest international society of biomedical engineers that serves as a central gathering point for the intersection between engineering, medicine and biology.

Peer Counseling

A community of Kenyatta University students that offers free wellness services to peers in campus.


A global platform that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences.

Toastmasters Gavel Club

An international nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of promoting communication, public speaking and leadership.

Chair 2023, IEEE Student Branch at Kenyatta University.

Cohort 7 Peer mentor at KamiLimu & Peer couselor at Kenyatta University.

Sr. Administrator 2023, EMBS Students Activity Committee (SAC) & EMBS Student Mentorship Program Ambassador 2022 & 2023.

Founding President 2022, Toastmaster Gavel at Kenyatta Univesity.

Incoming Global Volunteer Sales Manager at AIESEC, 2022.


What people I have worked with say about me.


Broadly speaking, my research interests are in building explainable machine learning algorithms that have an impact in healthcare. Currently, I am working on developing pose estimation model for orthopedic applications such as recovery monitoring. I am also learning foundational mathematics concepts for machine learning and practising implementing them in PyTorch and Tensorflow. To grasp the concepts, I am reading, I spend some time writing about the lessons I learn on my Medium page. Here is my Google Scholar profile.

Select Articles

[1] S. Bjørn-Jostein, A. M. Gitau, J. Markus Kreutzer , R. Johan, B. Lars Ailo, S. Henrik, Phonocardiogram Classification Using 1-Dimensional Inception Time Convolutional Neural Networks, Comput. In Card., 10.13140/RG.2.2.22956.13440, 2022, pp. 1-4.
Paper with code IEEE: CinC proceeding Poster ReseachGate Blog

[2] A.M. Gitau, C. Maina. (2022, April). NeeFlex: A wearable device for measuring knee flexion angles in rehabilitating patients.
Technical Report Blog Poster

Find Me

When I am not seated with my laptop on a desk building my science craftmanship, you can find me;

1. With friends, walking on the mountains, singing CL songs, or exploring different culture & places.
2. Reading a book, listening to an audiobook, or watching a documentary, on finance, health, entrepreneurship, wellbeing, founder's memoir, or any piece I find enlightening and fun! .
3. Playing checkers, chess, poker, or solving sudokus.

I love exploring new opportunities of learning and having fun. I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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